Thank you for your interest in Academy Prep Junior High!

We are a free public school for families who believe their children deserve a dynamic, high-quality, fun and challenging school experience.

Academy Prep is comprised of three locations across the Antelope Valley and is built off the success of award winning  engineering, health careers and early college programs within the Antelope Valley Union High School District. We offer small class sizes, full access to Makerspace technology, and 1-1 technology in a safe learning environment. We believe in challenging students to realize their passions through providing them with an engaging, rigorous curriculum where learning takes on a whole new meaning.  

We are a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based school utilizing Project-Based Learning, hands-on activities and 21st century skills. We believe in exposing students to real world experiences in order to improve problem solving skills.  We are unique and project focused to encourage our students to become the best they can be. We encourage our students to test their critical thinking skills and learn from their successes and failures, because of that our students are better prepared to face our ever changing world. Students who complete our program are well prepared to attend any academy within the AVUHSD.

Students behaving as scientists: On a typical day, they may be recording observations, carrying out experiments, or conducting their own research. Learning is project-based and sometimes messy, but students learn by doing, not by rote memorization. Connecting STEM learning to a career: To help students understand what kind of STEM jobs are available, schools may bring in tutors from local technology companies or organize internships at hospitals or research institutions.

Integrating with other subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects are woven into other areas of the curriculum, with courses such as the “History of Science” or “Environmental History.”

Making use of technology: Students are each issued Chromebooks, which also serve as their textbooks and use daily.  We utilize the technology in a variety of ways within each classroom and each project on campus.

Collaboration: Classrooms are often arranged so students can sit and work in groups. This encourages collaboration as students discuss their work and challenge each other’s ideas.