Volleyball (Knight & SOAR campuses only) – August/September

Cross Country – October/November

Soccer – January/February

Basketball – March/April

Track & Field – April/May

In order to participate in our sports program at Academy Prep, each student will need to obtain an athletic packet from the Administrative Office and complete it in its entirety.  The packet includes a form, which must be completed by your doctor for a physical, an informational form, concussion form, and a travel waiver.  The packet must be completed and turned in to  the administrative office for athletic clearance.  If the packet is incomplete, it will be returned to the student to get the necessary information.  Students are not allowed to participate in any tryouts, practices or games until they are cleared. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.0 with no failing grades or N/U in citizenship in order to participate in any extra-curricular activities. 

Knight Junior High Soccer

Knight Junior High Boys Soccer

Congrats Pacestters soccer on your 1st win

Palmdale Junior High Soccer

SOAR Junior High Cross Country

Knight Junior High Cross Country

Knight Junior High Cross Country

SOAR Jr. High vs. Knight Jr. High Girls Basketball