Guidance Counseling

Academies of the Antelope Valley's counseling team is available to serve students in a variety
of ways.
Students may meet with the counselor individually, in groups, or
through classroom presentations. The counselor also communicates
with parents through in‐person meetings, email, and phone conferences.
Other areas covered are:
- Supporting academic achievement
- Conflict Resolution
- Crisis Intervention and referrals
- For help dealing with personal/social issues
- Goal Setting
- Monthly Parent /Teacher Conferences

2018-2019 Guidance Department Directory


Knight Junior High, Palmdale Junior High, & Virtual Academy

Patrick FarschianGuidance Counselor

Nicole OroscoPupil Services Technician


SOAR Junior High & Virtual Academy

Danielle BryantGuidance Counselor

Sarah LopezPupil Services Technician