AVUHSD Educators Showcase Successful AP Computer Science Course

A few weeks ago, a group of District educators presented at the Prepárate™: Educating Latinos for the Future of America conference about AVUHSD's successful AP Computer Science Principles course, which is available at all of our high school campuses and offers students the opportunity to learn about technology on a global spectrum.

The conference is a part of the College Board's commitment to educational excellence and equity for all students. Since 2007, educators and civic and community leaders have addressed the educational challenges facing Latino Americans. Prepárate highlights national models that are successfully preparing Latino students for college success and life. This was a proud moment for AVUHSD and its faculty and staff!

Pictured from left: Computer Science Teacher Jose Cortinas, Director of School Improvement Dr. Joe Kelly, Coordinator of Computer Science Marci Clement, Littlerock High School Principal Jose Barajas and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Greg Nehen.