Antelope Valley School District

School Policies

It is our desire that students attending our school will mature academically, socially, culturally, and physically. The friends you make in school, the manner of conducting yourself as you go about your classes and extra-curricular activities, and your attitude towards those with whom you make contact - casual as the contact may be - will affect life even more than you realize. These relationships and experiences will be enhanced by a businesslike attention to punctuality, attendance, orderliness_ and a considerate, courteous attitude that will build a good record that is sure to be to your advantage. An understanding of what Academy Prep expects of you and what you may expect from Academy Prep creates an exciting and stimulating learning atmosphere.





Be in class on time with proper materials, ready to work until dismissed. Respect themselves, others and school property.



California school law requires that a student attend school regularly and punctually. The only legal absences by the

State of California are (a) illness; (b) quarantine; (c) doctor or dental appointment; (d) funeral in the immediate family (parents, siblings, and grandparents); days allowed for missing school, local (1); out of area (3); out of state (5); (e) juvenile court appointments.


The ultimate responsibility for positive school attendance rests with the parents and students, with the school assisting them to fulfill that responsibility. The school expects parents/guardians to call the attendance line each day a student is absent. Reasonable attempts will be made by the school district through phone calls or the mail to inform parents/guardians of student absenteeism.

Regular school attendance is essential for much of the success students attain from their school programs. Students should remain out of school only when it is absolutely necessary.

Student's participation in class discussions; listening to lectures; clarifications and explanations; viewing or listening to audiovisual materials; and attending school assembly programs are considered an integral part of the educational program. It is impossible to gain the full significance of any class presentation through make-up work.

Therefore AVUSHD Policy 5113, adopted by the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board of Trustees, requires the following attendance procedures:


1.            After 10 periods or 600 minutes, whichever comes first, of unexcused absences in one class for one semester the student is considered to be on attendance probation and at risk of receiving no credit for that class. Unexcused absences are at­ home suspensions, truancies, and absences for which no verifiable excuse has been given by the parent/guardian.

2.            Parents will be notified of this policy at the beginning of each school year or upon the enrollment of the student. Parents will be sent notification by mail the number of unexcused absences their student has accrued in each class at the following times: first quarter progress report, first quarter report card, second quarter progress report, third quarter progress report, third quarter progress report, third quarter report card, fourth quarter progress report. Notification of unexcused absences may be sent more frequently than outlined above or at different times due to school block schedules.

3.            A separate notification, warning of the possibility of receiving no credit for a class, shall be sent at the time a student reaches five unexcused absences or 300 minutes of unexcused absence, whichever comes first, in any class period.

4.            Parents may clear, by note or phone call any non-suspension or non-truant absence during a period of time not to exceed five school days after the occurrence of the absence. After the five-day window a doctor's note indicating a diagnosis is required to clear an absence.

5.            If a student is absent from school for a portion of the day for illness or a doctor's visit, the parent or guardian must properly check the student out of school through the office. If this procedure is not followed, the student's period absences may be marked as unexcused.

6.            The Superintendent is directed to establish procedures to implement this policy. Annually, an evaluation of this policy shall be reported to the Board of Trustees.


The procedure for reporting or verifying a student's absence is as follows:

It is preferred that parents call the Attendance Office at 661-943-2091, ext. 1, by 12:30 p.m. the same day a student is absent to report the reason for the absence.

When a telephone verification is not possible, the student must bring an absence note to the Administration Office upon return- within five (5) days. The note must be signed by a parent or guardian and must include a phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached.

3.            If an absence is not cleared by the parent or guardian by phone or note upon the student's return to school, the student will be considered truant An absence not cleared will be recorded as an all-day truancy. CLEARING A STUDENT'S AITENDANCE IS A PARENTAL OBLIGATION AND MUST BE DONE IN A TIMELY MANNER.

4.            If a student is going to be absent more than ten days and a doctor verifies the illness in writing, a home teacher may be provided on request.


WE ARE A CLOSED CAMPUS. Students are not allowed to leave campus once they arrive/are dropped off by parents until the end of the school day. Students are to stay within the designated campus areas as outlined by the Principal. THERE WILL BE DISCIPLINARY ACTION FOR ANY STUDENT SEEN GOING OFF-CAMPUS OR CAUGHT OFF-CAMPUS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. DISCIPLINE COULD INCLUDE SUSPENSION OR CITATION FOR TRUANCY. Parents are not held responsible for student truancy tickets. Students are held accountable for their truancy tickets by the State of California and are unable to obtain a driver's license until the tickets are paid. If a student has already obtained their driver's license, their license could be suspended for up to a year or until they are 18 years of age. The minimum for a first truancy ticket is $280 and can be as much as $900 depending upon the offense. Each subsequent ticket is double the amount of the previous ticket issued. For example if the 1st ticket is $280, the 2nd ticket would be $560, the third $1,120, etc.


If an absence is anticipated, the student and parent should arrange to have class work assigned.

•             Excused absences - all work missed may be made up at full credit.

•             Suspensions - missed work may be made up only at the discretion of the teacher. (Education Code: 48913)

•             Truancy - missed work may be made up at the discretion of the teacher.

•             Other absences - missed work may be made up at the discretion of the teacher.


Tardiness is a failure to appear on time and is considered a form of absence. It is the student's responsibility to be in the classroom and ready to work before the tardy bell rings.

Such common problems as car trouble and oversleeping are unacceptable reasons for tardiness to school and are considered unexcused tardies and absences. Because of the disruptive nature of being tardy, students may be referred for disciplinary action pursuant to Academy Prep discipline plan.

Academy Prep Junior High Tardy Policy is as follows:

•             1-2 Tardies = Verbal Warning

•             3rd Tardy = Phone call home

•             5th Tardy = Saturday School


If an absence is not cleared by the parent/guardian by a phone call or note upon the student's return to school, the student will be considered truant at the end of the second day. An unexcused absence is recorded as an all-day truancy. Based on parent notification of truancies, students can be assigned Saturday School or other disciplinary action.

The Education Code 48260.5 provides that legal action may be taken against a student and/or parent when a student is declared a habitual truant.


No students are permitted out of class without teacher permission. Students found out of class without permission may receive a two-day suspension.


•             The parent/guardian notifies the office of intention to withdraw student.

•             The parent/guardian completes a withdrawal form.

•             The parent/student must return technology and pay all outstanding charges and fines owed to the school.



All students are expected to dress and groom appropriately, with an emphasis on modesty, decency, personal and public health. In essence, DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Students are also expected to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Therefore, the following items are not allowed on the Academy Prep campus.

All students are required to wear appropriate footwear for school. No flip-flops.

2.            All shirts and tops must cover the midriff at all times. The following are examples of clothing that is unacceptable: tank tops, strapless, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, cut out designs, low-cut shirts, bare back, sheer or mesh clothing that does not have an appropriate blouse or shirt underneath, etc.

3.            All pants and shorts must fit at the waist. No sagging or low riding will be permitted. Clothing must cover undergarments when sitting, standing, or bending.

4.            Hemline and slits on dresses, skirts, and shorts above mid-thigh are not acceptable.

5.            Clothing and hair accessories that are unsafe and/or dangerous are not permitted (for example, hair-picks and combs, studded belts, chains, spikes, handcuffs, safety pins, needles, etc.).

6.            Clothing or jewelry that depicts any "gang style" writing; illegal activity; sexually related or obscene gestures and material; tobacco; drugs; alcohol; or words, pictures, or phrases that depicts violence or intimidation may not be worn.

7.            Any body piercing that presents a safety issue or major distraction will not be allowed. Other than ear piercing, to be removed or covered.

8.            Any clothing or styles of dress that may be construed to provoke fear, violence, or intimidation, including gang-related attire, is not acceptable.


Pants oversized at the waist are not allowed

Wearing pants below the waist line (sagging) is not allowed.

No gang-related jewelry, insignia, colors, paraphernalia, materials, apparel, clothing or attire may be worn or carried on campus or at school activities.

Belt buckles with any initials are prohibited.

Wearing an oversized belt with one end hanging down is prohibited. Excessive color identities - red, blue, purple, green, or black is prohibited.

No gang-related hats, or other related head wear can be worn - Only school hats that are bought in the student store. Bandanas, red or blue belts, red or blue shoelaces, or rags that commonly signify gang identity by style or color are prohibited.

Clothing jewelry, paraphernalia or material which is obscene, sexually explicit or which depicts or suggests sexually­ related or obscene gestures, pictures, or wording or which promotes violence, the use/abuse of drugs, tobacco or alcohol may not be worn or carried on campus or at school activities.

Shorts extending below the knee when worn with over-the calf socks are prohibited. No pants can be worn with one leg up and one down.

No student may wear article of clothing jewelry, paraphernalia or accessories which pose a threat to the physical and/or emotional well-being and safety of the student or others on campus or at school activities.

Shirts buttoned at the top and unbuttoned at the bottom are prohibited. Steel-toe combat style boots are prohibited.

Gang or tagger-crew writing on shoes clothes or body, backpacks or accessories are not permitted. Sports jerseys, other than school jerseys, will not be allowed.

Clothing or articles of clothing (including, but not limited to gloves, bandannas, shoestrings, wristbands, jewelry) which are likely to provoke others to acts of violence or which are likely to cause others to be intimidated by fear of violence may not be worn on campus or at any school activity.

NOTE: The administration reserves the right to objectively determine any necessary changes or additions to the above requirements as per California Education Codes 35010 and 35291.



The Board of Education has the responsibility to see that an appropriate education program is available to each student in our schools. Rules and regulations are established to ensure a proper climate in which students may pursue their studies. School personnel have been charged by the Board to carry out these rules in a friendly, firm and fair manner in order to safeguard each student's right to the finest education we can provide. The Board further feels that good discipline is a shared responsibility. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators all share in this endeavor and responsibility.


School and District personnel are obligated to keep the classroom free from threats of harmful influence or disruptive behavior and to adopt rules that further this end. Teachers have the right to add expectations as is appropriate for their classroom setting.


Students are loaned technology, books and other materials during the school year. These are to be returned in good order. Fines will be assessed for any misused technology, books or materials and also for any lost technology, books or materials.


The Board of Trustees prohibits unlawful sexual harassment of or by any student by anyone in or from the district. Teachers shall discuss this policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and should assure them that they need not endure any form of sexual harassment. Any student who engages in the sexual harassment of anyone in or from the district may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Any employee who permits or engages in sexual harassment may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. (BP5145.7, 4119.23)

The Board expects student and staff to immediately report incidents of sexual harassment to the principal or designee or to another district administrator. Any student who is being harassed should immediately contact the principal or designee or another district administrator in order to obtain a copy of AR1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures.

Complaints of harassment can be filed in accordance with these procedures. The district prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complainant or any participant in the complaint process. Each complaint of sexual harassment shall be promptly investigated in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned.


Flagrant and/or provocative displays of affection do not have a place at any time in our school. This behavior may result in disciplinary action up to and including an off-campus suspension or removal from the program.


Cell phone use without permission is strictly prohibited during the school day. Inappropriate use of electronics can result in disciplinary action including confiscation or suspension. Student owned electronic devices of any kind are brought on campus at the student's own risk. We will not investigate any thefts of these devices


Each student will be issued an official Academy Prep photo I.D. badge at the beginning of the school year. Students are required to wear the I.D. badge during and at all times while on campus. Admission to all school events (all AVHSD schools) will be restricted to School I.D. badge holders. A $5.00 charge will be paid prior to the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged I.D. badges. Students not wearing I.D. badges will be subject to dress code violation consequences. Replacement I.D.'s may be purchased in the school office.


The parking lot is a place to keep the student's car during the school day. Antelope Valley Union High School District does not assume any responsibility for theft or damage. In an effort to protect the student's car and other possessions, we require that students:

•             Not be in the parking lot during break/lunch or any class period.

•             No loitering in the parking lot before or after school.  Parents/guardians are expected to pick up students promptly upon dismissal from school or after-school activities.

All vehicles must be parked legally and in designated area only. Violators may be cited and towed away. Students found in the parking lot during class time or break may receive disciplinary action.


Any non-Academy Prep Junior High affiliated literature must be pre-approved by Academy Prep Administration.

Restrictions can be placed on student speech when:

•             It is materially and substantially disruptive to the educational process.

•             It is pervasively vulgar in content or nature.

•             It is harmful to students.


Individuals/Students are not allowed to sell any items on campus without prior approval of School Administration.

In addition, students are not allowed to panhandle/beg for money, etc.


Skateboards present a safety hazard and are not allowed on campus. Any student in possession of a skateboard will be subject to discipline.


Students leaving assigned school grounds and entering another school campus without the authorization of Administration is strictly prohibited. Violators will be suspended five days with notification to sheriff (Education Code Section 653G and 602). Any student who brings outsiders onto campus with the intent to cause disruption, fight, theft, assault, etc., is subject to suspension and/or expulsion, and/or arrest. Any individual or non-Academy Prep student who enters a classroom without the express permission of the school Administration may be subject to Sheriff's referral.


To maintain order and discipline in the schools and to protect the safety and welfare of students and school personnel, school personnel, school authorities may conduct a search of a student's person, personal property, school property or vehicle when there are reasonable ground for suspecting the student possesses illegal or unauthorized materials. School authorities may immediately take possession of any illegal, unauthorized or contraband materials discovered in the search. As used in this policy, the term "unauthorized" means any item dangerous or detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of students or school personnel, disruptive of any lawful function, mission or process of the school or any described as unauthorized current school rules or District policies.


Upon presentation of proper identification to the principal or designee, police officers have the authority to remove students from the school premises. The principal or designee shall take immediate steps to notify the parent, guardian, or responsible relative of the minor regarding the release of the minor to the officer, and regarding the place to which the minor is reportedly being taken, except when a minor has been taken into custody as a victim of suspected child abuse. In those cases, the school official shall provide the police officer with the address and telephone number of the minor's parent or guardian. (Education Code 48906)


Academy Prep Junior High School shall not assume responsibility for the theft of, the loss of, or damage to personal property stored, installed, used, or brought to the school premises. Do not bring valuables to school. This includes cell phones, MP3 players, CD players, etc. Academy Prep staff will not investigate the theft of electronic devices.


Application forms are available on for student whose financial situation may indicate a reduction in lunch pricing. (Education Code 49510-49520).


Pupil records are available for review during regular school hours. Requests for access should be directed to the Principal and must be acted upon within five days from the date of the request. (Education Code 49069)


All students under the 18 years of age, who have a job, MUST have a work permit. The "Work Experience Coordinator" at each comprehensive site issues a "Permit to Employ" after the "Request for a Work Permit'' is completed by the student, employer, and parent. Academy Prep students should see the Counselor for work permit information.


If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, every effort will be made to notify the parents. If the parents cannot be reached, then the "designated-to-be-called" person(s) will be notified in the case of an emergency. Parents and students are asked to inform the school of any changes regarding telephone numbers, places of work, or emergency contacts.

The office must also receive a written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount, and time schedules by which any medication is to be taken, and a written statement from the parent/guardian indicating that they desire the school district to assist their student in the matter set forth by the physician. Student must check all prescription medication into the office. Students are not allowed to carry medication of any kind while on campus. (Education Code: 49423) If your student has a chronic or acute health condition which may affect them at school, please contact the District Nurse (661) 718-3100, ext. 154.


In an effort to avoid disrupting the classroom, the school office does not accept or deliver personal messages, personal items, phone calls, or "fast food" to students at any time during the school day. Also. please make all ride and other arrangements prior to departure for school each morning. Be sure to remind your student before they leave for school about any personal business they have that day. Special personal occasions should be celebrated at home, outside of school hours. Please do not bring birthday balloons, flowers, cupcakes or other baked goods to school.


Instruction          BP614S(a)


The Board of Trustees recognizes that extra/cocurricular activities enrich the educational and social development and experiences of students. The District shall encourage and support student participation in extra/cocurricular activities without compromising the integrity and purpose of the educational program.

Unless specifically authorized by law, no fee shall be charged to students for participation in extracurricular and cocurricular activities related to the educational program, including materials or equipment related to the activity.

(cf. 3260- Fees and Charges) (cf. 3452 - Student Activity Funds)

Extra/cocurricular activities shall be supervised by District employees whenever they are conducted under the name of the District.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate in extra/cocurricular activities, students must demonstrate satisfactory educational progress in meeting the requirements for graduation.

The Superintendent or designee may revoke a student's eligibility for participation in extra/cocurricular activities when a student's poor citizenship or school attendance is serious enough to warrant loss of this privilege.



35160.5 District policy rules and regulations; requirements,· matters subject to regulation 35179 Interscholastic athletics,· associations or consortia

48930-48938 Student organizations CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION

Article 9, Section 5 Common School System CODE OFREGULATIONS. TITLE 5

350 Fees not permitted

5531 Supervision of extracurricular activities of pupils

Harzell v. Connell, 84 Daily Journal D.A.R. 1417 (April 20, 1984)

BP6145 (b)

Academy Prep Junior High School requires students to have and maintain a 20 GPA and above in order to participate in any extra/cocurricular activities. Disciplinary actions could prevent a student from participating in any extra/cocurricular activities.


Most routine discipline problems at Academy Prep Jr High will be dealt with using four steps. These steps may vary due to situations in individual classrooms or the severity of the incident.

A.            The first time a student breaks a rule; the staff member will give the student a verbal reprimand, or take other appropriate action.

B.            The second time the student misbehaves; the staff may decide to give a brief time-out or other appropriate actions.

C.            For the third offense, the staff will issue a lunch detention or period suspension, based on the severity of the behavior by submitting a referral form. Staff is required to contact the parents via email or phone call telling them of their child's unacceptable behavior.

D.            On the fourth offense, the student will be referred to the Vice Principal by completing the referral form and marking “VP Referral.” The VP will also administer a consequence ranging from detention to out of school suspension, etc. If the student is kept after school, the parents will be notified in advance.

These routine steps will take care of most problems with misbehavior. However, steps have been determined for more serious or continued behavior. If there is an emergency in your room please dial “0” and request immediate assistance from security.

The purpose of a discipline system is to:

*             Improve the educational environment for students, teachers, parents and staff. Inform students and parents of rules and policies.

*             Record discipline violations in a systematic way.

*             Predetermine disposition for violations, when possible.

Parents and students must be aware of procedures concerning acceptable and unacceptable behavior in our school. Progressive discipline is based upon the belief that an individual does not have the right to infringe upon the rights of others. Also, all people concerned with the school have the responsibility of creating a positive environment within the building, on school property, or at any school event.